7/22/2021 - URGE FITNESS Coming to Edgewater Park! Early Sign-up Discounts!


URGE FITNESS is taking memberships with early discount prices, as it completes construction to set up its equipment and amenities for opening, in the near future, in the former Pathmark at 4355 Route 130 South.

(Check the Edgewater Park "Local Business Community" webpage for updates on openings such as this.)

According to URGE spokesperson Noel, urges residents to sign up early for the best membership discounts!

She told Township Administrator Tom Pullion, “Our Pre-grand opening will be going in 3 phases.

  • Phase 1(WE ARE HERE) July 1st to July 31st.  This will offer the absolute lowest rate and the best special offers. This phase will be 100% done online. 
  • Phase 2 August 1st to TBD.  This phase will still offer discounted rates but not as much as phase 1. This Phase will be done online and on location in a ‘Preview Center’ outside the facility while construction is taking place.
  • Phase 3 TBD.  There will be no discounts on monthly memberships, but you will still receive a free month and cool T-shirt!

She urged people to sign up by July 31st for the best discounts, via their website link, which is live and active now, (hyperlink):  URGE FITNESS

Plain link:  https://www.urgefitness.com/edgewater-park/


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