2/2/2018 - Shredder Event and Electronic Recycling: April 21, 2018 at Public Works Bldg.

On Saturday April 21st we will be having an electronic recycling event at the public works garage from 8am until 2pm.  The Paper Shredding Event will also be on this same day from 8am until noon.  This event is open to everyone.

Note:  No large household appliances will be accepted as they are picked up by Trash on Scheduled "Bulk Pick Up Days".  Also no large items or corrosive items.  (Wire spools, batteries, etc.)


Items that can be brought for "electronic" recycling include:

ac adapters
all-in-one computers
motherboards, b, c, tweener and finger boards
audio and video equipment
mp3 players / ipods
PC fans and power supplies
PC scrap and stereos (no wood)
PC's - desktop, laptops, tablets, towers
cell phones and telephones
computer memory
police scanners and pagers
computer monitors - CRT or LCD
portable radios
computer periphery and parts
printers, copiers, scanners, modems, fax machines
rechargeable batteries
game consoles
gold clip ends
televisions - intact
handheld / table mounted scanners
toner and ink cartridges
hard drives
uninterrupted power supply
keyboards, mice and pc speakers
laptop and cell phone batteries
vcr, dvd, blueray, laser disk and cd players