2/16/2022 - EP Receives Safe Streets to Transit Grant - Phase 1, for FY22

Thanks to Senator Troy Singleton and the Murphy Administration, Edgewater Park has been awarded a Safe Streets to Transit Grant!

On February 15, 2022, Edgewater Park Township received from both from the Office of Senator Troy Singleton and the Murphy Administration the following good news:

“On behalf of Senator Singleton, we are happy to announce that the below project in your town received a FY2022 Safe Streets to Transit (SSTT) Grant. The SSTT Grant Program provides funds to counties and municipalities to improve the overall safety and accessibility for mass transit riders walking to transit facilities and facilitate the implementation of projects and activities that will improve safety in the vicinity of transit facilities.

  • SSTT Grant – Edgewater Park for Bridgeboro Road Pedestrian Improvement Phase 1 - $295,000.00”

"Thank you,

Jennifer Crea Aydjian, Chief of Staff - Office of Senator Troy Singleton”

Township Administrator Tom Pullion responded, “On behalf of the residents of Edgewater Park, the Mayor-Committee and myself, please extend our deepest gratitude to the Senator in aiding us to secure these funds.”

Mayor Bill Belgard added that “We are very grateful for the Senator’s efforts on our behalf and wish to convey that to our entire community!”

Click here to read about this SSTT Grant and how it will help commuters.