8/18/2022 - Check out Edgewater Park's January - June 2022 Recycling Report

Edgewater Park's Recycling Story:

Curbside Homes have saved EP $20,060 in Landfill Disposal Tipping Fees... but with 182 lbs/Unit/6 months, lag behind, as the County 2020 Average is 251 lbs/6 months

While Multifamily Complexes saved less, at $8,453 in Landfill Disposal Fees... they bested the County Average for Multifamily units of 94 lbs/6 months, with 107 lbs/6 months!

See all the facts on our Public Works page and make sure you know all you need to know about Recycling!

Read our Administrator Tom Pullion's letter as County Commissioner, explaining the State goals for recycling and the benefits of it to municipal budgets and taxpayers!